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can you do Rumble too?'

I got off Telegram per Gregg Phillips warning.

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Hey CJ!

We'll be live streaming these shows starting next week on Rumble.

Live will only be on Telegram this week, but the recording/replay will live on my Rumble channel, https://rumble.com/user/GreatAwakeCoach.

Did GP ever give reasons why he encouraged us to leave? I find Telegram to be really helpful for authentic connection, in a way that other social media platforms hadn't provided before.

I also work under the assumption that every device, every platform, every call, every text is monitored - and I still am the same guy, with the same tone and same dark sense of humor.

I can't let the fact that I'm being watched derail my work, helping people.

Thank you for being here, J.

With all respect,


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Gregg Phllips has not given us a reason why to get off Telegram,

but i did read a response from Catherine saying her eyesight is back!!

What is that all about, was she one that was poisoned with Telegram?

Telegram is Chinese?

My little group of Telegram peeps suspect it comes through the Microphone, hence turn off your Microphone within Telegram and also setting on the cell phone.

I LOVE TELEGRAM, but got OFF due to Greggs warning.

We really dont know what is being transmitted through these devices, this is why i do most of my serious wirting on a hard-wired computer.

Thanks for ALL you do!!! Your niche as a die hard Patriot who does holistic health is very rare!!!

See you on Rumble!!!!

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I bow in your general direction:).

Thank you, CJ.

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