Do these 3 things in the next 6 days to kickstart chan9e in your life.

Most folks want to change, they just have no idea where to begin.

A million different books, methods, teachers, courses, and videos don’t help - they overwhelm us with too many choices & we never get started. If we’re keeping it real here, humans don’t do well with too many choices:).

That said, I’m gonna solve this problem for you, real quick - you just have to be willing. You don’t even have to do all of them at the same time. For the commitment-phobic, pick 1 or 2 of these tasks to accomplish throughout a 7 day period.

It will be easier than you think. Ready?

#1: Go to bed earlier than you normally would, and get up earlier than you normally would. Now, if you already go to bed at 8PM, and you’re up at 4AM you can disregard this one, lol. The rest of you, go to bed an hour earlier & rise an hour earlier.

Take advantage of that extra hour :

This life hack is especially helpful if you have a late-night internet problem. Making even a slight shift in your resting schedule will positively affect the rest of your day in ways you’re currently unfamiliar with.

#2: Select one area of your home that is a long-standing sh*t show (a storage closet, pantry or garage, for example), and make a commitment to clean it up/organize it - in one day.

Super messy room | Abandoned building | George N | Flickr

A cluttered home = a cluttered mind.


Instead of doing more “internet research” or losing yet another day on Telegram, pick an area of your house that feels out of control, and get a leash around it. Don’t overthink it, don’t over-plan it, just take one afternoon, and commit to doing it.

*Note - you, cleaning out/up a space in your home will encourage you to keep going, to keep purging. It’s a fantastic “warm up” before making more personal changes, like cleaning out the clutter out of your head and heart:).

Wondering if fasting is worth the pain? – Diabetes Diet

#3: Do a 16-hour water fast. Don’t roll your eyes at me;).

Here, I’ll give you a cheat.

First, you’re going to stop eating 4 hours before bed. You’ll drink water (if you want to be up peeing all night) if you like, but no food. This is 25% of your fast.

Next, most folks sleep for roughly 8 hours. This is 50% of your fasting time, and you do it while you sleep.

Now you’re 75% there.

Finally, after you get up in the morning you’re going to have water only for the first 4 hours - your last 25% of your fasting time. Yes, your empty stomach will rumble.

Acknowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of people with empty, rumble-y stomachs in the world today and they have no options to fix it. Then, give thanks to God that you’re not one of them and make yourself a light breakfast.

Skip the toast.

*NOTE - should you be feeling powerful, continue your fast for another few hours, and get as close to a full 24 as possible…

Hope these 3 tips helped you in your Awakening process! Look for another two tips coming shortly - a bit next-level, in case you found these 3 too easy…

God bless you guys.

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