25 years in Los Angeles isn’t an easy mission for anyone, let alone for a creative, funny empath from The Midwest who thought he was special.

Now imagine that same nice kid going through four different Awakening processes (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Geo-Political) over the course of those two and a half decades. Add to that mess long battles with addiction, childhood trauma, homelessness, obesity, and the loss of everything he owned, twice…

all while working in the West Coast corporate music business, where that kind of insanity is commonplace.

With the help of God’s grace & a fierce sense of determination, Coach managed to come out of these drastic Awakening processes more refined than ever before — not perfect, but vastly improved and forever changed.

His journey of enlightenment, healing & self-recovery will both inspire & motivate Conservatives, Patriots & Truth Seekers from all walks of life, many of whom continue to struggle through this difficult and uncertain time in our lives.

His unique ability to not just survive, but to thrive through these life-altering Awakening processes makes Great Awake Coach uniquely qualified to be a Project Manager for others working through their own Awakening.

In Coach’s own words: “…when we wake up to new truths about ourselves or new truths about how this reality really works, everything changes. And it’s not just one part of your life that changes - your entire life changes, and quickly. And in my travels, I’ve found that very few people are truly prepared for such an intense level of sudden change. How could you be…?”

Half-jokingly referred to as a “Life Coach for Conspiracy Theorists” by one of his own clients, Coach’s stoic, grounded perspectives & dark sense of humor are badly needed by everyone struggling to find answers to brand new, tough questions.

What do we do when everything falls apart?
Who am I now that I know all this?
How do we pick up the pieces & put a new reality together for ourselves?

Honest & direct when commentating about current events, Great Awake Coach dissects reality from a simple, almost Zen perspective designed to help us understand this modern day Great Awakening we find ourselves in. His 17,000 foot view on what all this means (and where it’s all going) is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Now celebrating 4 years as “Great Awake Coach”, he blends common sense, compassion, and a Conservative mindset into a whole-body wellness coaching program that is unique to the client.

Great Awake Coach is here to help people grow & thrive through these insane times we’re faced with. But even further, he hopes his work can begin a conversation about what a truly empowered, post-Great Awakening world might look like for all of us.


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